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Dr. Mamtha George


Department Of Dermatology

She is a delightful and an inquisitive dermatologist. She is a very active member in professional circles. She completed MBBS degree from Kottayam Medical College and MD in Dermatology from KMC, Manipal in the year 2007. She has rich experience working in the Department of Dermatology at Government Medical College, Calicut. She has joined our esteemed institution and currently working as Professor in the Department of Dermatology.





1. Fullford Derma Foundation Scholarship for most meritorious post graduate student in Karnataka State - 2006.

2. Silver medal for the National IADVL quiz competition for postgraduates, DERMACON 2007

3. WCD (World Congress of Dermatology) Scholarship 2011 for Young Dermatologist - presented a scientific paper under free communication session at WCD 2011, Seoul, Korea.

Academic achievements

  • 1. George Mamatha , Prabhu S, Balachandran C. Chronic idiopathic urticaria: Comparison of clinical features with positive Autologous Serum Sensitivity Test. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2008;74:105-8
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  • 6. Mamatha George. Retapamulin: A Novel Antibiotic for Topical use. Kerala Medical Journal.2011;4:173-174
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Text book chapter

1. Mamatha George , Fibin Thanveer. Balanoposthitis , PG textbook of Dermatology)