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Please register with the hospital at the Outpatient Counter and avail your tokens. We have arranged you to sit and feel relaxed before you meet your Doctor. You will be invited by our Nurses according to your Token Number for consultation, along with an attendant, when your Token Number appears on the screenWe extend our services and consultations on first come first serve basis. The consultation duration depends on each patient’s case. Please cooperate with the nurses in maintaining the Token Order. Please follow the date and time allotted to you from the hospital for review consultations, investigations, tests, admission/ surgery.

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IP & Admission

The front office staff will assist you in admission process. Patients will be provided a Unique Identification Number (UID) and all the medical records will be maintained by the hospital for all future reference. They will also draw out an estimate and guide you for selecting the relevant category of room to be admitted.In addition, you will be required to make an advance payment. The advance shall be adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge. Those seeking the cashless method provided by Insurance Companies would have to visit the Insurance desk for the hospitalization of the patient. The staff will escort the patient to the allotted room.

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Visitor Guidelines

We value your family and friends and understand that they are an important part of your recovery process. For the comfort of all our patients, we request you to limit your visitors during visiting hours. Please understand that the doctors may restrict visitors according to a patient’s medical condition and special needs. For admission cases, passes for attendants and visitors will be issued. Please request your attendants and visitors to display the passes in the hospital premises. In case of loss of the pass, please contact Hospital Desk. Considering the safety of children, visits of children under the age of 12 are not allowed on patient floors We request you to sanitize hands before and after visiting. Please refrain from using mobile in places,

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Patient & Attendants Responsibilities

If you are not able to make your visit on the allotted appointment time, please call the hospital and inform. This will help us to serve you better. Please provide complete and accurate information, including your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, particulars of next-of-kin and insurance company/TPA/employer, past illness, and medication details wherever required. Please leave your valuables at home and only bring necessary items. Please treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect; abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations; be considerate of noise levels, privacy and number of visitors; and comply with the ‘No Smoking’ policy. For understanding all instructions before signing the c

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ICU Guidelines

All Intensive Care Units (ICUs) areas are restricted areas. Visitors are requested to follow the hospital rules and adhere to protocol of the hospital before and after entering these areas. To minimize the risk of infection, only one attendant at a time is allowed for a maximum of 10 minutes. Visitors are requested to wait for their turn to enter these special zones. The Visitors are expected, Not to visit if the they are sick. Comply with safety and security procedures Wear and display their visitor identification card at all times while in patient/restricted areas. Leave the hospital during a disaster or fire alarm. Patients are the responsibility of the hospital and will be rescued as per an evacuation plan. Act in a respectful man

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